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Gloucester, ON
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Re: [Rant] LA Fitness

said by Blogger:

Their "reviews" may be quite accurate. As mentioned size varies. I imagine the staffs are different from Y to Y but I would also suggest that a high proportion of reviews of any vendor have a lot of people that complain without merit. People tend to review to complain not to compliment.

Regardless, if convenient check it out yourself. And besides just what exactly do you require from the staff. I go as a single person and I don't require anything from the staff other than the check in process at the front counter.

You do know the saying right? Do something right and one person knows... Do something wrong and the whole world knows! The reason for that is very simple, people will voice displeasure over pleasure any day. So yes, if I have a complaint I want more tehn one person to know not just one. A compliment paid is earned hard. As for what you'd require, for me, if I joined a fitness club I'd expect staff to at least know teh safety and usage of teh equipment so they could educate me so I would avoid injury for example. That kind of thing isn't a huge factor but a small one.