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Snohomish, WA

Sony tv's

we have
-Watched TV
-watched streaming videos (hulu Netflix and a few direct channel/comcast on demand (which really uses the slightly smarter STB))
- some YouTube (login and search are very awkward so it mostly one of us find a HD video or series and fav's it to show others)
Some personal family photos/ video either DVD's or over the network (also somewhat awkward)

of course some of the listed activities surveyed seem not TV useful
ie MAPS - a globe/atlas/laptop makes more sense to track down story locations, and to get direction you really want something mobile (GPS, cell phone table,even a printed out map) because you won't have the big screen with you.
and a few need more horsepower and less about the big screen.


Eatonville, WA
I have a Visio TV with built in apps. I hardly use any of them except for Netflix. I bought it thinking that since it is capable of playing videos from the USB ports it would play from my shared network files. That does not work. I bought the WD TV Live+ and it does all of what I want and more. Just a small box that sets above my Home Theater Amp and does it all. I have yet to find a video it will not play.

I bought 3 and put one with each TV in the house. You can connect USB drives to them and share them throughout the house. Works great.

reply to tshirt
I love the idea of smart TVs and such but, I very rarely ever use any of the connected features. I subscribe to these two services, one is called Time Warner Cable and the other is called DirecTV and I get all the content I could ever desire and then some. I have a Sony TV, Sony Blu Ray Player and Sony Home Theater Receiver, in addition to an XBox 360 and PS3 all which are internet enabled and run tons of apps. I use my TV as a monitor, my Home Theater receiver controls all the functionality of my set up. Pretty much all of the devices have YouTube, yes that’s exactly what I want to see on a 55” high end TV, shitty low rez video. Netflix, pure garbage that lacks content and what little they do have is stale. Pandora, the sound quality could be better and I just don’t like the service that much. The only thing I ever really explorer is Sony’s own app that has streaming 3D content, which is surprisingly pretty good. Other than setting them up, I never used HBO Go, Max Go or ESPN 3.

The main advantage of these connected devices to me personally is their DLNA capability. I haven’t bothered to reinstall the software on my PC for the Home Theater Receiver so when I want to listen to my personal music collection over the 7.1 system I just wirelessly stream my music from my Walkman MP3 Player. I also like being able to share out pictures and video that I took with my phone and show them on the big screen. Due to needing an additional HDMI port I had to replace the 2010 model HT Receiver with the 2012 model, the 2010 Sony ES receivers came with Shoutcast Radio built in, which was great. I used to stream that all the time. For some reason Sony removed Shoutcast. That was the only other connected feature that I used quite frequently. The Map app feature on Sony TVs is pretty cool actually. When you view photos or video you took, a small window with Google Maps in it will show the location of where you were when you took that picture/video.
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