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[Qwest] DSL Modem with separate router

I'm getting DSL from CL soon and wanted to get my own modem as the monthly charge is ridiculous. My first thought was to get the modem/router combo but I also like having my wireless router as a separate device. I'm thinking of getting the Thomson 516 and I already have a linksys router from my current cable setup.

Question is how do I set them both up? Do I need to have the modem as a bridge? I'm not familiar with bridging and how that works. I don't recall having to do that with my cable modem.

Any guidance is appreciated so I can get both working when the time comes.



Denver, CO
Modem only is not that easy to find. Best thing is to get a Centurylink branded modem/router. I have a M-1000 ( old) and wanted a spare. Went to Amazon and got a PK5000. Both were easy to change to RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging. In your router go to ppoe settings and put your user name/password. Reboot both and you will good to go. You have to check that whatever you buy, that it will handle your dsl speed.
I have 7mbs so not much trouble.
The only trouble I have had was a bad router. The D-Link wasn't sending user name/password. While I was on with tech support, changed to spare router and was good to go.


If you're in the Old Embarq territory your are DHCP. From your post it's showing " "ptd.net", which appears to be in PA which is the old Embarq area.

Put the modem in bridge and set your stand alone router to "obtain IP automatically". You should be good to go then.


reply to Ken1943
Yeah, I'm finding that out about just finding modems only. My other choice was the C1000A or the PK5001Z which my neighbors just got through CL and seems to be working well for them.


reply to dslanywhere
I'm actually in Northern NJ but my current provider is out of PA and the service our county. I used to have Embarq actually. I will try out the bridge option as suggested. I'll also keep the modem/router combo open as another option.

Thanks for the suggestions.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
reply to Wolf29
The C1000A is one of the newest modems in the CL line-up. It works with both VDSL and ADSL circuits. You can use it as a modem/router, or put it in bridge mode and use it with your router of choice. It is available at Best Buy in CenturyLink packaging for $99, or you can rent it from CL for $4.95/month.