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Ann Arbor, MI
reply to war9200

Re: [Bill] Bill went up $28.26 from December to January?

Same crap here. Standard Cable went up to $60.52 and Performance Internet went up to $51.95. They're also charging $1.99 each for DTAs that used to be free. Total bill is $124, close to $1500/year, for awfully bare-bones service. U-verse is available but I hate AT&T... hmm, U-verse is not impressing me either.

I'm chatting with a Comcast rep now. Adding HDTV would cost $9.95/mo. I'm already paying too much, plus my Ceton InfiniTV4 and Echo let me get around that.

Digital Preferred would cost me $82.20/mo. Not happening.

I'd really like to look at a simple rate card so I can compare service tiers but I can't find one on Comcast's website. Being able to configure services online would be nice too.

Putting up a proper TV antenna and doing without the handful of basic cable channels I watch is probably the best option but others in this house would rebel. Might do it anyhow. Someone really needs to explain to Comcast that there's a recession going on.


Union City, GA
Sounds like the rich are getting richer. If everyone came together and canceled service with these Monopolies like ComCrap, and American Thugs & Thieves then maybe someone will get a message. I can't stand the crappy service, bad customer service and high prices. This is supposed to be the land of the free, it seems like the only thing free these days is breathing air and that's up for debate. Until the government allows more service providers to offer competition to the masses then we will continue to put up with the crap we pay for. I for one am rooting for Google to come to Atlanta, I'll be the first one to sign up.