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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to ebgbjo

Re: [Rant] UPS, Again!

UPS will use the weather route when they can. Just because there isn't weather in your area doesn't mean there wasn't weather in one of the routes the plane takes to get your package there.

Also note that fog or lightning can play a role in you not getting your package. If the plane can't land because of fog, many times it has to divert to an alternate airport. At this point UPS will use Air drivers (or any warm body they can find) to make meet points with the driver. If you are in an area that has already been serviced you may not get the package depending on how late the air was.

Now if it's a lighting ban, then that means the plane was able to land, but you the employees can't go out on the tarmac to unload, until the lightning subsides.

The reason is for safety. A few years ago in Oklahoma City, several employees were hurt then lightning struck close to the plane injuring several of them. Since then, they wait.

If you really want to get an early delivery here are some suggestions. Of course pay for EAM (very expensive but 8:00 - 10:00) delivery window depending on your zip code (some places don't even offer it).

Order something huge. The driver won't want to carry it on his package car all day and many times will drive out of his/her way to get it out of the way.

Meet the driver. Know where his first few stops are, and meet him there.

Have it held at the center and pick it up at the customer counter.

Have an alternate deliver to a place earlier on the drivers route.

In reality it's all about the driver, the driver is UPS. If you get a good driver, you get good service. If you get a bad driver you get bad service.

You could call and complain, but it won't do a lot (maybe at first), but bottom line the drivers are Union and it's very hard to fire them for doing a poor job.

However more of the drivers are good, especially if you get an older driver who has been around for awhile. The younger drivers just don't have the work ethic as the older ones, and they don't see it as a service company.

Bottom line is all that UPS has to offer is SERVICE. They are United Parcel Service not United Parcel almost Service.

If you feel you have been done wrong, you need to contact the local facility, hub, center, depending where you are located. Calling the 1-800 # is a joke, they are not even UPS employees unless you get to level 3.

Back to the package. It doesn't matter to UPS if they can't deliver your package, they will not deliver it on Saturday unless it was paid and marked as Saturday delivery. You think they can just go and deliver it, but they can't. That is where the Union comes in. They can't contractually deliver non air packages by Saturday drivers who are typically part-time air drivers. Now since yours was 2DA it is technically air, but that is still a no can do.

I could go on and on, but this post is already too long so good luck.

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New Jersey
I had a 2-day air package miss the delivery truck. They drove the package out to meet the driver so he could deliver it. If it was a ground package, they would have waited until the next day.

Greenwich, CT
reply to H2OuUp2
said by H2OuUp2:

Order something huge. The driver won't want to carry it on his package car all day and many times will drive out of his/her way to get it out of the way.

This!! That means I have to handle your TV, Grill, or whatever that's overweight, oversize for like the 3-4th time because they are never home to sign.

Tv's it's amazing they can make it in one piece at our hub.. it was built in the early 70's so back then packages were smaller.
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