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Houghton Lake, MI

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Re: [CATV] Advertisement VS Reality 4 HD/DVR Deal???

Yes this is a nice setup, BUT it has been stated by Microsoft that the Media Center will not be in the next release of Windows.
What do you run as a Media Center on LINUX ?

In fact MC in Windows 8 is now an add-on license and has not been updated in any way from Windows 7. It has had features removed. You can no longer have the PC boot into the Media Center like a true HTPC. Internet TV has been removed.

Its funny now that many of us want to go this route Microsoft is not going to support it any longer. Makes no sense.

Also watch for changes at the Cable/Dish systems where they start to mark the channels for copy protection, then some channels can not be played back on any device but only on the device it was connected to when the recording was made. This may be the next problem area you may need to fight as not all hardware setups will work for all channels and TV/Devices. I think only Windows MC supports DRM.