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Tucson, AZ
·Cox HSI

Time Machine question

Took a look at my TM that has my MBP and MBA backups

The folder for my 09 MBP backups since 09 is 132 gigs
Folder for recently acquired MBA is 106 gigs
And sparsebundle.... folder has about 80 gigs (whatever that is)

MBP has 132 gigs on hd
MBA has 75 gigs on hd

Why is the MBA TM folder so much bigger than the hd?
MBP hd and TM folder are close to same size

I have Parallels, if that makes a difference, on the MBA

Bronx, NY
Time Machine allows you to restore your computer to any point in time on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis. So any files you delete or modify, the old versions are retained on the time machine backup until space is exhausted or the backup is consolidated. This means the time machine backup can be much, much larger than your actual hard drive size if you delete/modify a lot of large files.

If you backup your Parallels virtual machines, every time you boot the virtual machine, the entire (or parts if you have the image split into 2GB parts) of the Windows partition will be backed up again. This can take up a ton of space if you use Windows frequently.
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