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Florissant, MO
reply to Canezoid

Re: Uverse problem that no one can seem to solve.

Problem is with connection speed and maintaining a connection. Speed will go from 54Mbps all the way down to 1Mbps and will then work its way back up or will just bounce from 54 to 48 to 36 down to 24. At 24 Mbps it is pretty much useless. I can have days with relatively few problems and on others it will be nothing but problems.

I have had no less than 10 AT&T techs out here and at least 2 AT&T linemen. So far I've had 3 modems replaced and (supposedly) been placed on 2 different ports on the VRAD. I've been told that I have been put on a different conditioned pair on one occasion.

The folks who come here tell me everything looks good but some of the level 2 techs that I've spoken to have told me that they see line issues.

My RG is a 2-wire 3801 plugged into a UPS. The wiring is all cat 5.

Lisle, IL
Is the only issue WiFi Connectivity?

If so, I would recommend disabling the 2Wire/Pace RG's WiFi & get a 3rd Party WiFi Router & let that run your WiFi network


Raleigh, NC
Based on what your saying, those speeds sound like the coincide with WiFi connection problems. So I agree with what ILpt4U recommends.

I would also ask do you have any problems with connection quality when you are hardwired to the modem?


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
reply to capncapo
Track the time of day/day of week for each of the speed shifts..

Odds are the downgrades will occur on weekday evenings from 4pm to 11pm and weekends 10am to 11pm. I.E. Too much FEXT interference from other xDSL circuits in same cables.

P.S. Before I disconnected my DSL service, I also observed major FEXT problems from 4am to 7am, every morning.. (some sort of remote download to U-verse DVR's)..