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Milford, NH
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Re: connectivity issues with XP and windows 7 laptops

From your router's perspective there is no difference between the various flavors of Windows. Without more detail impossible to know but may be due to DHCP server settings.

When this occurs check the IP address of the failed machine. I assume all the PCs on your LAN are set to obtain an IP address from the router automatically (DHCP). If the failed machine has an APIPA addresses 169.254.x.x it means it asked to be assigned an address but did not hear back from the DHCP server (running in the router) so it self assigned an address. Log into your router and see how many addresses the DHCP server is set to hand out. The quantity needs to be at least equal to all the devices you want to use at one time.

If the failing PC has a valid address try pinging the default gateway address. If that works the address is set up correctly and the PC is able to communicate with your home router. If it cannot access the Internet check firewall settings.

If that does not resolve the issue need more info about your LAN.
1) How do PCs connect: wired, wireless, or both
2) Are affected PCs only on one type of connection
3) Have failed PC ping stable site like this one: dslreports.com
4) If that fails ping: That is the IP address of this site. If that works but ping by URL doesn't you have a DNS problem.