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reply to Who7

Re: Ppl need a reality check about leaving due to their stance

said by Who7:

I'm so tempted to link a complete course on how to hack wifi available to ANYONE.

Given the relative complexity of setting up and given the very public knowledge of how to circumvent wifi security, is it reasonable for the courts to hold you liable? That among others would be my first line of defense on January 14th. At which point, I would put on a demonstration. Would the judge grant access to thousands of people who may be innocent?

As for the opinion of the thread originator....remember.....first they came for my neighbor and I said nothing.......

So those of us who are innocent need to do $omething with our $$ before they come for us.

BackTrack Linux is used by security professionals everywhere. I use it personally, i love it. I perform security audits on systems for a living.

I will not so please do not ask anyone explain how to use it to crack wifi or anything mischievous