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Re: [HSI] Any color you want, as long as it's black.

said by 88615298 See Profile

I have a feeling Charter will up speeds within the next few months and offer a lower tier speed for $30-$35 or so. So if people would be patient I think you'll get you lower speed cheaper tier.

Too bad they didn't think of the consequences at the time they decided to "test" customers tolerance for such stiff arming tactics.
This economy is very tough and while there are still a number of people that can pay anything they want for things like internet, many of us cannot. We don't have open ended budgets.

The most I personally can tolerate is around $25/mo.
If they had kept a low speed tier for value oriented customers I would have been happy to stay long term. I always pay my bill on time and in full, and have never been late. While they probably make a very small profit on me (and others like myself), they still have made some profit and would have continued to make one because I am willing to stay with a company that makes reasonable offers for reasonable service levels.

I have never understood why a company would want to actually ENCOURAGE churn like in this situation.