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Union City, GA
reply to ssetta

Re: [DVR] Pause/Pixelation Problem

A new TV shouldn't be a cause of pixelation. Its like painting a car, redoing the interior but you have an engine that needs an oil change. It doesn't matter how the exterior looks, its the engine that drives it what matters the most. You can get a new box and a new TV until you are blue in the face. You should have a tech come out and take a look at your lines, if you say the same thing is happening on both DVR boxes then there could be a bad fitting, splitter, line, or drop. The problem may not even be in your house, it could be an outside plant issue. Call and have a service tech come take a look at your wiring from the TV to the tap.


Natick, MA
People have suggested that to me before, but the reason why I think it's in the software is because, as I stated, it only happens when I pause a live program and in the exact place where I paused it. It also only happens on HD channels, and not SD channels.