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Redlands, CA
reply to TLxRaCeR

Re: [DSL] DSL problem with rain. Need help without sarcasism fro

I understand your pain. I was in the same boat for a few years (Verizon territory). You did the right thing in posting here...it was Nick and Ivan from this forum that took the initiative to try time and time again to get Verizon techs out *while* it was raining. After several tries, they got one out while the problem was happening. The tech found a bad connection up the block, fixed it, and I'm happy as a clam this rainy season.

The morals of the story are:
1. The baby bells (AT&T, Verizon) are lazy, greedy, and will lie in order not to have to roll a truck to fix the problem, and
2. You need to be persistent.
3. You need to be persistent.
4. You need to be persistent.

Best of luck to you. It can get fixed, believe me, but it takes some serious dedication. And I've found that DSL Extreme has always been very good about refunding me for outage time, though you do need to request it.