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at what point (low speeds) do you cancel?

just wondering, i thought there was something wrong with my usb modem but since the weather has dried up a bit it seems to be working better but the speeds are still lousy. there was a burst around 5 PM for about 15-20 minutes and around 9 PM i got 40-50 KB/s instead of the usual 10 or so KB/s so i think its just bandwidth hogs.

what speeds should we realistically expect?

i can see that its not reasonable to expect anything near 1.5 mbps all the time but when you're around 50-100 kbps most of the time, the service becomes useless.

North, VA
You are the only one that can answer that question.


said by Jack_in_VA:

You are the only one that can answer that question.


just wondering though, shouldn't we have some sort of guaranteed minimum kbps? i dont know how theyre slicing it up, but several months ago when thye must have added capacity to their tower here i was getting almost 3 mbps - if that's their true total capacity then they are not giving out equal slices of bandwidth because sometimes i'm getting less than 20 kbps for quite a while. and the it might bounce to 800 kbps for a few minutes, its not possible that 30 of 40 users suddenly drop off, seems like whats happening is the smart phones (?) are getting huge priority over mobile broadband users, or maybe millenicom users suddenly are very low priority on the sprint network.