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Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
reply to entourage93

Re: Voltage predictions....

/me predicts we throw all the trolls into the fires and wash our hands clean of them once and for all.


Tilbury, ON

LOL! If only it were so easy!

It’s worrisome to think that a company can swoop in and sue potentially innocent Canadians based on questionable evidence at best. One thing that disturbs me is if law enforcement feels you have stolen goods in your home they just can’t come in and start collecting evidence. They require a court ordered search warrant. So what gives a computer software company from Montreal the right to violate people’s privacy and collect evidence with no legal right to do so? What authority do they have? If Voltage succeeds what stops them and their hired IP police from randomly grabbing a thousand or a million other IP’s and claiming the same thing. They don’t have to take any to court just hope to scare 20 percent of the ones they threaten in settling. Could be wrong but to me this is much more then piracy of some really bad movies it’s about a dangerous precedent being set. Hopefully the courts will see through it and get back to cases that need to be heard. After all anyone who has downloaded anything Voltage has done, have they not suffered enough by watching it?