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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to KennesawMtn

Re: POTS Splitter Installation Help

said by KennesawMtn:

But what about U-verse customer self installs like for internet only? I'm having that done, going from traditional DSL (with a external splitter and home run) to U-verse VDSL. In that case does the tech doing the line's swapover at the neighborhood box ever even come to the house and look at the NID? I'd be surprised if they do. In my case, my NID is 1989 vintage and is not compatible with DSL splitter modules that fit inside the NID. My current splitter is a seperate one in its own external housing that I mounted next to the NID in 2005.

At least in my area, techs are dispatched to make the connections @ the crossbox/VRAD, and also go to the house to verify the VDSL2 signal at the house, inspect the drop/NID & update/replace as necessary.

While at the house, techs are supposed to knock on the door, and if the customer is home/available, go inside and verify the VDSL2 signal makes it to the modem jack. If good, then good. If the signal is not stable/good to the modem jack, any inside wiring work is potentially billable to resplice existing wiring or run new wiring. If the customer is not home, the NID is tagged/labeled, any existing inside wiring that was connected before is connected again. If the existing wiring will hold the signal, all is good. If a technician revisit is required for a failed self installation & the signal is good to the NID, the revisit is billable


Kennesaw, GA

That makes sense (that they check signal at the NID) and I hope they do come by today. I will be home as well.

But if they replace my 1989/1990 style NID, I would think that would only be needed if they deem my current external DSL splitter incompatible with the new VDSL. In that case I will still need a new modular DSL splitter for inside the newer style NID. I wonder if that is deemed billable, as having a home run from the NID is not exactly the typical installation. But I did the home run back in 2005 for 2 reasons. 1) to avoid needing in-line filters and 2) to have a better signal to the modem, as my home's phone wiring is the older 4 conductor non-twisted pair type.


Kennesaw, GA

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Installer came today. Courteous and everything is working fine. my 12/1.5 tier is performing pretty close to those levels (~11.3/1.35).

He had no concerns about the older style NID, which he did not replace. When I asked about the adjacent whole-home DSL filter I already had, he thought it would be OK and said the hookup looked fine. He was not 100% certain about it working OK with the VDSL so he called his technical resource area and they said it would be fine. I later looked up my splitter model # (guess I could have done that before, huh?) on its inside cover. It is a Corning SPS-H70-SR1, specs for it are good with VDSL

Had I not asked, I don't think it would have necessarily been a topic of conversation, as checking the signal at the NID was what he was looking to do it appeared. It seems to me that in this Atlanta area market that inside the home in-line filters with the DSL piggy-backing on the "phone" wiring (such as non twisted pair 4 conductor like I have) are the expected norm for DSL and Uverse internet. My home run, however has served me well since I got DSL in 2005.