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Re: Crooked business practices

And being we fall into the 30-49 Age range... Id say we've seen technology quite a bit. However, I'm 30 and I didn't own a personal computer (not counting the Atari) until I was 16. I taught myself much of what I know. i have friends nearing a few years older than I that are using smartphones but are pretty limited on their understanding of computers.

I'd put it this way. Kids growing up now are connected from birth. Whether they know the fundamentals is a bit tricky. Most are younger so while they know Facebook at 12 or 13, we can't surmise what 15 or 20 years brings. Kids understand their phones, browsing, etc.

Certainly, kids today have no clue about DOS. I took Dos in high school and I forget just about every bit of it. I also despise Linux (ya ya string me up). I know some but nothing to brag. However, I can set up a router, build a computer, troubleshoot, get file sharing going, etc etc. I'm sure a lot kids today don't know.

However, they are still young and we're second guessing their abilities once they reach adulthood.

Remember folks, the first time 50 percent of the U.S. owned a home computer wasn't until the year 2000 and internet hit the 50% mark in 2001.

Census Bureau Source on Computer Ownership