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reply to NormanS

Re: IP Address not being removed from ATT Blacklist

said by NormanS:

said by NetFixer:

said by t3kt3hgrrl:

The issue we have is that a client is trying to send very important emails to people who use ATT/Bellsouth/Packardbell accounts and they will not go through.

AT&T's email servers are used for Packard Bell? I was not even aware that Packard Bell still operated (or sold products) in the US.*

I noticed that as well. As a former AT&T West customer, I have to assume the OP thought that, 'pacbell.net' had something to do with "Packard Bell".

Actually that confusion is/was intentional. The name "Packard Bell" was a clever gimmick designed to make uninformed people think that there was an association with Hewlett Packard, Bell & Howell, and the multiple Bell telephone companies.
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