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Hilo, HI
reply to urbanriot

Re: [WIN8] Search sucks

said by urbanriot:

He may be complaining about the long standing issue with Windows Search since Vista, where it randomly won't find files. You're in a folder with the file you can clearly see, yet typing the name of that file or *.extension and you get "No items match your search."

Myself and plenty of other people have been posting about this for years in Microsoft's official forums and were once told it was fixed in one of the Vista SP's but imagine my surprise when I came across it in Windows 7 then again recently in Windows 8.

There's no explanation for it and you can run through a pile of steps and not resolve the issue... then you forget about it and later it works.

Yeah, I noticed that right away in Vista. Vista search was really awful generally speaking...but also sometimes, as you said, I could see the file right there but search would report "no items match your search". I stumbled on a Microsoft blog where there were about 500 replies regarding the topic which was Vista search. Most of the folks replying were IT professionals and they were beyond angry at Microsoft about how bad search is in Vista.

Several of them stated they installed Agent Ransack in order to get a decent search on Vista. That was the first I had heard of Agent Ransack. I downloaded the free version onto Vista and loved it. I never again used Vista search. I was appalled when I got the public beta of Win 7 and found search was no better in Win 7 than in Vista. The file was right there, I could see it yet Win 7, like Vista, would report "no items match your search". After the beating the Microsoft blog guy took over Vista search and his promises that Microsoft would make it better in Win 7, I was really surprised that I had to install Agent Ransack on Win 7 also in order to get a fast, thorough search like I would with the native W2000/XP search.
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