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Yorba Linda, CA

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[Speed Problem] Extremely High ping/slow speeds-AT&T U-Verse

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Ping over time

Netalyzer comment
1) Which AT&T DSL Package do you have –
Pro (3.0Mbps down)

2) Which modem brand and model do you have?
Motorola NVG510

3) Are you using a router? If so, provide the brand and model.

4) Is your PPPoE login info (username & password) entered in the modem, in your router or do you use PPPoE software?
In the modem

5) Describe the lights on the modem when the trouble occurs.

Power-steady green
Ethernet-Steady green
Wireless-blinking green
wifi-not lit
Broadband-steady green
service-steady green
Phone1-not lit
Phone2-not lit

6) Confirm that you’ve checked to ensure that ALL devices plugged into the wall jacks serviced by your DSL phone number (except the DSL modem) have filters fitted.


7) Confirm that you’ve powered off the modem and started it again and whether or not that made any changes with your problem.

No change in ping/speed.

8) Do you hear any type of noise on the DSL phone line or any other unusual telephone symptoms?

Same phone quality.

9) Provide line stats as follows…

Broadband Status
Line State Up
Broadband Connection Up
Downstream Sync Rate (kbps) 3007
Upstream Sync Rate (kbps) 509
Modulation ADSL2+
Data Path Interleaved
Broadband IPv4 Address (removed)
Gateway IPv4 Address (removed)
MAC Address (removed)
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Primary DNS Name dns6rd1.sbcglobal.net
Secondary DNS Name dns6rd2.sbcglobal.net
MTU 1500
Status Available
Global Unicast IPv6 Address (removed)
Border Relay IPv4 Address
IPv4 Statistics
Transmit Packets 10842
Transmit Errors 0
Transmit Discards 0
IPv6 Statistics
Transmit Packets 396
Transmit Errors 0
Transmit Discards 0
Downstream and Upstream Statistics
Downstream Upstream
SN Margin (dB) 6.5 15.9
Line Attenuation (dB) 59.5 34.0
Output Power(dBm) 16.4 7.3
Errored Seconds 0 0
Loss of Signal 0 0
Loss of Frame 0 0
FEC Errors 49 0
CRC Errors 0 0

10) If you have a speed problem, use the AT&T Speed Test here -- »helpme.att.net/dsl/speedtest/ and post your results.

0.71 Down 0.51 Up

There have been 4-5 AT&T techs that have come in to address the problem, and have so far determined that the problem is between the main office and our home.

That being said, the level of service is simply unacceptable, and isn't getting any better.


This looks to be exactly the same problem I've been having, too.

Lots of timeouts.

It's ridiculous.