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Who let the magic smoke out?
Saint Augustine, FL
reply to SmokChsr

Re: DSL service up & down 2AM 12/25

As the plot thickens, it's gotten so bad that I had to drop in a Clear Wire feed at the site (which is working nicely). This would make it appear that the problem is on the AT&T side of the equation.

I don't know if there are any applications that could be used to do extensive troubleshooting and problem identification for a point to point TCP or UDP packet stream.

All the typical tests Speed, ping, Tracert, show results as expected for a working circuit, yet the streaming data won't run well, if at all.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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said by SmokChsr:

All the typical tests Speed, ping, Tracert, show results as expected for a working circuit, yet the streaming data won't run well, if at all.

Yeah I have had that happen on remote hotspots (not at home yet) tests showing unfettered 5+mbs connection but streaming was crap... and not just from a single site/source but several, yet large file downloading at full speed worked fine.

And yet too at most other times in same places the streaming was just fine. But only that craps while direct file transfer remains just fine?

And what makes me suspect that is when I have tried to stream and DL at the same time (again with plenty of bandwidth for both) it is the stream that suffers most... usually only to the point of a bit jerky here and there... but occasionally actual stops if buffer really runs dry.

So again probably priorities factors.

Maybe because streams are relatively low priority on and off (as buffered... and how big varies per app) channels vs dedicated full constant on??

But again have it also happen when ONLY the stream was the only thing happening... but tested bandwidth and throughput were just fine.

Is kind of mystical and probably contributed to by the server side if a current vs random thing (serving the same thing to hundreds or thousands+ at the moment) as much as your connection side. (vs randomly DL of a big file many others likely aren't at the moment though many 10's of 1,000's have)

And actually the Sandy Benefit Concert really proved that... traffic thing... of the dozens of places it was available from, I had to go to some of the more obscure to get a reliable stream, though WiFi were I was more than capable and not heavily loaded.

And again I would hope at the source there were SEVERAL big pipe feeds from the source and pre arranged distibution, not just one shared to the world that inevitably would be clogged.... again that I finally went to some obscure sources got a smooth feed, they probably did that right but still to many hanging off one and trying to supply too many, vs saying we are to busy why not try here... and after check out their content if you have never been there.

I know Macy's Never tells Gimbals.... but was the season, and there once was and annually is a Miraclel on 34th St... in both (real)B&W and (Faux)Color But the story still work.

For something like SANDY RELIEF no we want you sorry not working but last thing we will tell you, is where else to go to see it that might have less traffic. God forbid Amazon (or whoever would say) we are overloaded take a look at ZEBRA.COM (or whatever isn't) again I had to search REALLY MANUALLY not even Google effectively to find one that would really work... again they were all just out for themselves not the cause..