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Decatur, GA
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Re: [WIN7] Creating a slipstreamed disc possible?

Well that is because you have both 32 and 64 bit versions. In all honesty there is no need for the 32bit versions as if you are trying to install win 7 on a system that can not run the 64bit version you should be using some other operating system, whether Windows or some other OS.

Using the 32bit version on any system that can run the 64bit version gives you nothing extra. No better program support, programs that will not run on Win 7 64bit still won't run on Win 7 32bit, and certainly no better memory utilization as the 32bit version can't use anything over 3+ GB of RAM.

I have a Universal install and IIRC it is slightly over 4GBs in size, but it is only the 64bit version. Then again putting that ISO on a DVD disc is foolish as they are slow to install. Better to put it on a USB flash drive, along with other utilities like a imaging program, disk partitioning program and AV/Malware programs.
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Carpentersville, IL
I agree with what you said. If the system can run a 64 bit OS, why even install the 32 bit one.

However, I was looking at it from a standpoint of only have ONE ISO that contained everything I would need for Windows7. I help a number of people with their computers. If I go to someones place to reinstall Windows for them (and they don't have or lost their install media), I only need to bring one DVD with me, instead of multiple DVD's. Everything is contained in one setup file.

--Brian Plencner

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