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internet speeds problems in Birmingham area

Did anyone in Birmingham Al area have any speed problems last night I'm on the 100 meg package and we were crawling at 3.69 megs down.


same here just south of you


Medford, OR
Welcome to the regular evening slow downs. We have been experiencing the same issues for the last 5 months here on the west coast. Maybe it is just an isolated incident for you guys, but it has been like clockwork for us. It is most likely an overloaded node like we have been told by Charter. The bottom line is they will just say they are working on resolving it. It starts at around 6:00 PM and last until about 1 AM. Speeds drop into the almost unusable levels for any kind of streaming video.


Here is my thinking. People are tired of the high price of Charter and they cancel their TV and phone and take internet only. Now they just stream movies and whatever and the node gets overloaded. That's why at night it slows. Make any sense? Nodes that are meant to handle 500 have 1000 on them. Somebody has to open up the lines or I will sooner or later just cancel my internet with TV and phone. I grew up without all these goodies. I will just start working later and going to bed early. Heck when I was young we did not even have TV and the phone was on a party line. Yep, I am old but still here. I turn 66 soon. There is nothing fit to watch on TV anyway and from what I see its a big waste of money. I can just read a book or listen to the radio for free and not have the internet to make me mad like it is now at night. over and out. Trig


reply to watts3000
I'm in bham, My connection was out all day yesterday and since it came back up I've been having intermittent issues ever since.