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Viatalk cancel. scammed over by the viop adapter?

Hey all, I have been a good viatalk user for many years but I cancelled my service yesterday. Now they tell me they want to charge me $50 for my (owned) viop adapter. They say I rented it and they supplied it but I always buy my own equipment.

Have anyone been scammed by them with this and have you gotten the $50 credit back to your account if you did send them the viop adapter? I plan on giving them my owns linksys voip adapter to close this out.

RIP goose
Rochester, NY
I assume you have a record of some correspondence with them from when you set up your account and asked them not to send you an adapter?

Perhaps you have a ticket that identifies that you went the BYOD route? How about your original sign-up Email?


Columbus, OH
reply to dougd
did you read their cancellation policy? And is your VoIP (not viop) adapter in fact something you purchased separately, and used with a BYOD plan?

If so, your plan should have been started as such and noted as such.

Doug D

Hey guys, Well I went to them when sun rocket went bust and unfortunately I do not have that signup info anymore. My account is also closed under viatalk now so I cant verify my account but I know I would of chosen the BYOD route (I always supply my own devices, cablel modem, set to box, etc) . I guess I was just looking for how honest this company is in actually refunding any promised funds.


Columbus, OH
Well, I haven't had the opportunity to cancel with them, so I can't tell you. But I always assume I have to prove things, so I keep and archive emails and any paperwork that comes my way, invoices, etc--for just such an occasion. If you were on BYOD back then (that's when I started, too; I'm a Sunrocket refugee), then you shouldn't be dinged for the adapter.

I seem to remember that Sunrocket customers had the opportunity to use their Sunrocket adapters, right? (I didn't.)

Sun N Sand
reply to dougd
I had a line with them for my son when he was still living at home. I cancelled, sent in the ATA they provided when I signed up (including the Cat 5 cable and power adapter) and I wasn't charged the $50. They are an honest company and stand by their Terms and Conditions just as their customers should.


Carrollton, TX
reply to dougd
Check with Customer service policy.

Cincinnati, OH
·Time Warner Cable
reply to dougd
Just dispute the charge when it comes in. Tell them you want the model and serial number of the TA they claim they sent to you, the date they sent it, the date you received it, and the proof of delivery of the TA. If they expect you to keep all the emails, then I would expect them to still have the proof of delivery.
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