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reply to Goldheart

Re: Speculation: What does it take to be #1?

said by Goldheart:

I know good PvP players can be sponsored. We had one such player in the guild I am in on Echo Isles.

Yeah I imagine people who are in a position to play for extended hours on a daily basis would be best suited for top raiding. And who can play without interruption. That counts out most folk in my opinion. Especially older family persons like me.

See this is one major misconception of hardcore wow players. They do not play all day everyday. Some of the streamers do. Of course during there progression cycle they play sometimes 20 hours a day. During the farm period though I would go so far to say most professional players are rarely on more than their raid times and what ever daily's they have to do. Also a good thing to mention is that when they raid it is all business. I mean they joke around a lot and play little games but when it comes to performance most professional guilds don't waste time clearing content so that they can speed to the progression. Therefore, farm raiding is much much faster which makes up the majority of your play time post progression.

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You say he is wrong with his generalizations then you make some of your own. The reason why the 'farm raiding' is so fast is because of the massive loads of hours they spent already learning, gearing and preparing for all of the fights.

All you need to do is look at the time/dates when these world first guilds are recording their kills. World first guilds are doing them during the day on the day of release, when '9 to 5'ers' are at work.

Most 'hardcore' guilds are 12-20+ a week now. It is about dedication and choosing how much time you want to put in the game. I for one, am more than happy at a slower pace but at a casual 9 hours / week. There are other guilds out there that do it better, but I have fun with my time.
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You sir. Are taking what i said out of context. If you look closely I do say during progression they play much more. My point is that the average farm day they dont spent as much time dedicated to raiding. Take a look at their Logs. You can see because of their massive DPS their raids generally dont last very long until they get to a boss that is considered progression.

With some guilds you have people going AFK and multiple breaks taking place that slow the night down. Some hardcore guilds have so many people standing by that they kick you when you go AFK or if you have to step out they step someone else in and you are not always guaranteed your spot back unless you are a core member.