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Berwyn, PA
reply to PaulHikeS2

Re: Change the model

The concept is that vertical integration is a bad thing. Also, it is a waste of resources to have multiple providers of some services to every home in the US (e.g., Telephone, Electricity, etc.).

Everyone says it is too expensive to lay fibre to every home in the US. Verizon started it but has put a hold on it. Google is performing a test, but will they roll out across the US?

So, let's grant a right for one company to provide Fibre to the Home in a limited geographic area. We could grant them rates to recover the capitol cost of doing this. Historically, this has worked for Telephone and Electric service.

But, there is no reason they should provide the higher layers like TV, Phone, and Internet. That should be offered in a competitive market where ESPN, NBC, CBS, AMC, and so on can all compete to offer service.

I think it is the best of both possible worlds. We get Fibre to every home in the US and we get competitively priced services over that Fibre.

Allowing Comcast to own NBC Universal was a big mistake. If they want to, they can deny NBC access to Verizon, AT&T, TWC, and other customers. That would be like only being able to call people on Verizon if you have Verizon service.