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Houston, TX
reply to PX Eliezer7

Re: [General] June 15, 2018

said by PX Eliezer7:

$10,000 a month multiplied by 12 months multiplied by about 45 companies who are members is well over 5 million dollars a year.

I may be an ignorant dope, but that seems like a lot of money to spend on coffee....

I expect that VCXC is a lot like USTelecom or CTIA, but As an industry trade association with a legal and regulatory focus it has a requirement for lawyers and lobbyists...hence the need for funds.
Michael Graves
Houston TX

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
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Good points, and as I said I do wish them luck.

But they depart from other industry and trade groups in charging the same dues to every company [regardless of size].

Most industry groups---even down to local Chambers of Commerce---charge based on relative annual revenue, or numbers of employees, or some such.

Charging the same 10,000 monthly dues to a huge company like AT&T as to a tiny company like ZipDX, just seems strange.

As Trev said in the older thread, such a policy ensures that the smaller companies will not join, or will drop out.