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Lansdowne, PA

[DVR] Cicso DVR with external HDD - wierdness

OK, this might take a little while to explain, but I'll try to lay it out as best I can recall.

I'm a FiOS customer in VHO8?? (SE Pennsylvania) and we have a MR-DVR and STB. Both are Cisco units. The DVR is a 500GB model.

After filling it up, I decided to build my own eSATA external and got a Nexstar case and a WD 2TB AVR drive. It worked fine for a while, albeit the DVR only recognizes 1000GB of the 1800GB on the drive (who knows why???)

Anyways, the DVR switched over to recording everything on the external as expected. Over time, we were able to clear space off the internal drive, while builiding up an inventory of shows on the external. It got to about 60% internal and 80% external. At which point, recordings started going back onto the internal.

No sweat, I thought. The DVR's probably smart enough to keep 20% free space on each drive ... at least that's what I assumed.

So over time, the internal builds up to 80-85% and I start getting bad/corrupt recordings. I diagnose that there are some bad sectors on the internal drive and do a couple of reboots and self-diagnostics on the DVR. Nothing really changed, so I cleared out some recordings off of the external to get it below 80% in the hopes that recordings would go back onto the external.

That worked for a while. It got to the point where I was able to clear out a lot of shows and both drives are at the 63% level.

Now the crazy thing is that recordings are now populating on the internal drive and I can't figure out why.

I think this change occurred during the last guide switchover (to the dark blue theme that they're using now), but I can't be sure. I'm just trying to figure out why it's recording to the internal drive because I don't want to get it back to 80% and hit those bad sectors ... especially with Walking Dead coming back soon.

Any ideas?


Melville, NY
You are stuck with your situation unless you want a new DVR (and lose everything, including the eSATA recordings). If you don't want to lose all your recordings, you will need to keep the available space below the 'bad sector' threshold....