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New DSL Extreme User - Had some questions/observations

So I signed up for DSL Extreme last week for my folks. A couple of observations / questions

- Within the span of 10 minutes, I was on your website and entered in the exact same details to order DSL Service. The first try, I got the option to select the 3000 kpbs. I got cold feet and went back and read up a little more. Entered in the same address and details and then only got 1500 kpbs for the same price. Why?

- Got the same error the whole day during my Activation Date, and even 12:10AM the next day. Initial support calls said to keep checking hourly and it would be on sometime today. So once I called at 12:10AM the next day, after getting the same error, the rep said let me try to reset the line. Then click, it worked. I asked, how come you're the first agent to try this and not any of the previous reps I spoke to. Said they have to wait after the activation date to do it. Doesn't make sense to me if activation is the day after the activation date. To temper expectations, if you need that additional day, you should buffer the date Activation Date

- Within your fold out instructions, there were multiple OS's that you listed on how to set up. I had my laptop with me so I did the Windows 7 setup. However, there were no setup instructions for Windows 8. Is there something online that might contain this updated info?



Also, wanted to add that I tried to stream Netflix through Roku and it wouldn't even load a movie. Would start but then just error out. I ran speedtest.net on the wireless signal and got 1.2 mbps. Can someone work their magic and bump me to 3000kpbs? Pretty please? (C'mon, its Xmas)

Netflix was one of the main reasons we got high speed internet for them.


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reply to limerence
John, I took your User ID out and will send it on to Nick.

It's not a good idea to post your personal information on a public board.

Chatsworth, CA
The activation date is deadline when the line should go live. In most cases, it goes live sometime mid-day. In some cases, it's not until midnight that night. In many cases, it's earlier in the morning, or even on a prior day (it's a deadline, so service can go up before then).

The prequalification system offers a predicted speed based on estimated loop length. I'm not sure why it initially offered 3Mbps; are you sure you entered everything the exact same? Regardless, the 1.5 speed is definitely the more accurate. You're currently running a gross bitrate of 1536, using 74% of your line's physical capacity. Therefore, it's physically impossible to run 3Mbps on your line; if we attempted to force that, it'd typically only go up to about 2Mbps at best, and at worst would be very intermittent (may even drop the connection entirely).

So, I'm sorry, but unless you move to a closer location (physically closer to your local central office), there's no way to bump you up to 3Mbps.

We don't have any updated instructions posted for Windows 8 yet, no. That said, if you're using a wireless router, nothing really changes anyway; in your case, you go into the router and put your DSL Extreme username and password in the router, since you're on a PPPoE connection.


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