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Woodstock, IL
reply to Fir_Na_Tine

Re: [Rant] A/V cables

Back in the days, when CompUSA first started up, they opened a store near my employer. My employer inked a corporate purchasing agreement with them that, among other things, gave employees a discount for shopping there. If we flashed our ID badges we paid cost +10% for anything in the store.

Now mind you, this was before online shopping really took off so there was no Amazon or Monoprice. You had to go to ComppUSA or Computer City if you wanted anything computer related. For big ticket items there wasnt much savings. In fact sometimes the price was above the posted price.

But for cables, now that was another story. Cables that had a shelf price of $20-$30 usually could be had for less than $2. The mark up on cables was simply unbelievable.

Well, CompUSA hit hard times and my employee discount changed to shelf price -10%. It wasnt anywhere near such a good deal anymore and shortly thereafter they went out of business.