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Houston, TX
reply to elray

Re: NOT True Usage-based pricing

said by elray:

said by Nightmare :

True usage based pricing is "hey grandma uses 1GB all month, its $1 for 1 gigabyte of data, her bill is $1 +tax." not "pay $30 for the connection for your 1 gigabyte of data and if you go over we charge you $30 more bucks".

We will NEVER run out of Bytes and bits, no one is "mining" for gigabytes. How can we be charged a "overage" if there is no limit and if it is a "resource" it should be regulated and have a NON ISP measure the bits and bytes usage. Water is limited, Coal is limited, petroleum is LIMITED,... can someone pour me a tall glass of/get me a bag of megabytes please?

"True usage-based pricing" would still incur a connection and meter charge, much like many electric bills.

Caps aren't usage-based pricing. They're a crude tool to thwart abuse and influence behavior. To a limited extent, they're meant to discourage Netflix and other potential streaming competitors. And they're the natural response to calls for "network neutrality".

Cable has demonstrated, unlike telco, year after year, a willingness to invest in broadband plant, while rates have declined. To suggest that their infrastructure is limitless ignores the peak-hours congestion that occurs on many a cable modem. Sure, they could re-wire for the 3rd or 4th time in just over a decade, but customers don't want to pay for that expense.

Damn, I was gonna type just that.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.