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reply to Leathal

Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Leathal:

Back in the 1980 and 1980s the Canadian Copyright Law allowed you to make a copy for your own person use. I bet you didn't know this did you? The law become more relaxed with CD burners started to flood the market place because the board of the Canadian Copyright decided to charge a small fee on record able digital media to try and recover some of the cost (if not all of it) from people pirating stuff.

Now that we have evolved to where we are now piracy has increased 100 fold the hidden fees aren't covering 1% of the figured amount of music, movies and software that is being pirated. So the have to take extra steps now...do I blame them? NO. You shouldn't either.

So your complaint really doesn't hold any water, the internet is a place that has grown over the years that its become more easier to track people through the IP's and such which why every person that has been suspected to be a pedophile is one. They track them the same way they now are tracking you downloading those pirated warez, movies, and songs to your computer every night.

I also wanted to mention something about your comment about artists only making $1 on a sold cd. Boy are you off.

I've also previously mentioned a band that started in school (my wife's) school had an offer from BMG while they were in school, they rejected the offer, few members kicked out, they moved on and got another offer from BMG 2 years later.

To this day, my wife, her best friend is married to the drummer, the lead singer was my wife's prom date and they still speak to this day. This band is still knocking out albums after a 6 year hiatus. Let's just say we got to talking last thanksgiving and it's not about the CD sales. They don't live lavish lifestyles making $1 per CD divided by 5 band members. Their net income far exceeds what you'd even consider reasonable.

As a matter of fact, they became more known due to piracy AFTER BMG signed them. They were only really popular in Canada until then. Then the US started listening and it continued world wide.