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Re: IP Address not being removed from ATT Blacklist

I can work on removing these but keep a few things in mind

1.) be sure to do your homework! if you are on a blacklist somewhere (mxtoolbox is what I use to check-blacklist) you can bet at&t will blacklist.

2.) rDNS delegations- top reason #2 that I find in email exchanges with tier 2 that will earn you a black list. As it was explained to me, rDNS is like having an ID to check when going in the door to a club. Are you who you say you are?

3.) Check all your IP's that are sending- I am working on one now that his mailhost got blocked and his 3rd IP was blocked by SORBS. and mcafee and others had his other IP's listed. because it was a mixed bag all of them got blocked. He currently only keeps checking one.

4.) Clean it up!- ok so your mail server got compromised and you got blacklisted... clean it up and don't make excuses as to why you got blocked or tell me (See note) "it's cheaper for me to contact you and get unblocked than it is for me to deal with it." My answer back was like "Uhhh..."

Note: Yes I got this excuse via email! An @hotmail.com address which makes it funnier!
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