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Re: 2 phone lines 2 modems high ping/latency Might of resolved


UPDATE: Ok the same tech went out to the DSLAM and rebooted the dslam my latency and speeds were fine. He says that there is not enough bandwidth and that there going to be adding a new server with a new line pretty soon(Thanks to me). So it turns out there was a bandwidth problem with turns out it matched my WIRESHARK CHARTS.

After numerous techs coming out here and saying everything is fine i acctauly got a tech with brains. He replaced everything and i know when im on a new server everything will be 110 percent better, probably with pings of 75ms or lower like every sever i joind last night, so he deffantly did do somthing good with replacing everything in my house and at the nid becauses its better than ever before when its working good.

So for now, i will be playing late at night to get some gaming in until its fixed (:

So if you have a problem just do the test i did to X out every possibility.

1. Go straight to your NID and see if your problem is still there and if it is, call them up.

2. Run wireshark and see what the problem might be
»SBC DSL FAQ »How to measure throughput speeds on individual packets?

3. Do traceroutes to a website (like Google.com) go to start>run> type in CMD > type tracert google.com and then type in Ping google.com after doing your tracert. And if its high latency then there is a issue. Also go to speedtest.net and see what your speeds are.

4. Do test late at night or very earling in the morning typically 3:00am-6:00 am in the morning and see if there problem is still there.

5. Call up your Provider and present your evidence.

6. Keep calling up until you get a tech that has "brains" about Internet that comes out to your house

7. Get a tech that will X out every possiblity without you even asking him to, Include checking street box for issues, New NID, Check wall wireing(one of lines where splited with yellow wires and i guess it didnt make sense), New modems, and a new DSL FILTER, and New Green modern phone line that connects from Wall to Modem. And even yellow wires wiring because i guess thats not good or somthing. "somthing to do with lazyness" But it probably dosnt matter with the yellow wires.

Note: You might get a tech that comes out and says everything is fine, but if you know its not,then keep calling them up.

Thanks everybody for there help.


Troy Mcclure

Seattle, WA

Resolved? Figured out, but not resolved.

Your issues is the same issue as most of us have, oversold DSLAMs.

They told me too that they're installing fibre, then I called them again, and they said something like "don't know who told you that, but we're not doing anything and there are no plans to do anything apart from keep taking your money for bad service"