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Brooklyn, NY
reply to skeechan

Re: Ok.

said by skeechan:

Companies are free to pick and choose who they sue so ultimately their own rampant piracy is largely irrelevant unless some local AG goes after them for something which is unlikely given their connections.

Sadly, this is true. In the law enforcement world, it's called selective enforcement. If five cars in front of you are speeding yet you turn out to be the unlucky one who gets pulled over and gets a ticket, you can't argue that you cannot be punished unless the 5 speeders in front of you are punished as well.

said by skeechan:

What it does do is invalidate their claims of piracy being a "problem" given they don't bother to clean up their own messes.

Not only that, but it also exposes the hypocrisy within that industry. If piracy affects livelihoods of everyone who works in that field, how do they expect the rest of the world to respect what they do when their own coworkers won't do the same for them?
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