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Innovation applies to business models too

The Internet used to have a per minute fee when it used dialup. As innovation occurred users were able to have a constant connection and a flat fee for the product they purchased (the connection).

Vonage, Skype, et., already proved that the current Telco/Cableco business models are outdated. Using the same infrastructure they can provide a "dial tone" for communications. They took the Telco business model of charging per minute, per locality and innovated making a flat fee of what was a per byte/minute.

Now the Telco/Cableco lobbies want to bring back the 1980s and reintroduce usage fees. The issue here is that innovation already killed off that business model.

Add to all of this Internet2 (i2). It's already rolling out via Google in some localities. How would usage caps apply to a 1gb connection, will AT&T, TWC, Verizon, Comcast refuse to roll out i2 and let competition leave them using outdated infrastructure and business models or will they continue their regulatory lobbying to have rules written to prevent innovation. Remember innovation isn't just technology, it's also a way of doing business. This is the issue with Steven Wildman, he's perceived to already be on the communications lobby payroll... will he prevent innovation in technology and business models to keep his lobby's happy or will he do what's right for consumers? I this era, I doubt his loyalty is for subscribers.... / huge sigh as I watch another piece of this once great nation going by the wayside...