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Winter Springs, FL
reply to JL06

Re: Using CableCard/HDhomerun Prime? Feedback Wanted

said by JL06:

My questions:
1) Is it possible to view anything from a CableCard other than "copy free" media on my setup.

If you saw my original post in this topic, I'm in the same boat.. Was really hoping to use one of the great backends available on linux, (or ANY backend other than WMC). Unfortunately, there's no way around that with the copy protected channels.

said by JL06:

2) Is the recently expired Windows Media Center the only PC based front-end available that would work?

Yes, it's your only option for the copy protected content.. at the moment. Not sure what you mean by recently expired - it is still available on Windows 8 and Windows 7. I believe it's a free download for Windows 7, and Windows 8 you can request a free key (do it now or you'll pay $10 for it later).

said by JL06:

3) Why does BHN set the "copy once" flag on standard cable channels (e.g. Comedy Central, ESPN) instead of just protected or premium channels (e.g. HBO)? From what I can gather there is no standard and some providers reserve the copy protection for premium channels.

My understanding as to why Brighthouse does it is due to the content providers requiring it, partly as a part of their contract negotiations with Brighthouse/Time Warner. At least, BHNtechXpert explained to me that a major part of the reason was due to content providers.

said by JL06:

As an aside the links in this thread to the new SiliconDust UPnP device look promising, especially the XBMC youtube video. However UPnP totally circumvents the ability to schedule programs, view guide data and otherwise function as an actual cable tv system. Does anyone know anything new that would invalidate that statement?

From what I can see, it won't be a new device but a firmware upgrade for the existing HDHomerun Prime. There's talk in the SiliconDust forums on potential scheduling methods, but alot of it is up in the air and unknown.. They're supposed to unveil phase 2 at CES , which is Jan 8 - 11 , so stay tuned and we'll see what happens.


Winter Springs, FL

Thanks for clearing it up for me, I had guessed most of those answers already but it's nice to have a confirmation. It's really disappointing that my setup won't work because of something as seemingly trivial as the copy protection bit.

XBMC and Linux work too well for me to compromise by installing Windows, especially if I would be required to switch out of XBMC and into Windows Media Center to watch TV. Not a really great HTPC experience to have to drop down into Windows before flipping on The Discovery Channel.

I will explore other avenues and providers for cable content and keep an eye out in early Jan. for anything new.

Thanks again.



There is an alternate way of getting premium cable content and not having to be worried about CCI Profile while using a Linux front. I'll go into it further in a later post tomorrow.