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Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
reply to b2r4l

Re: [CenturyTel] Advance tech support? Hah!

I've done the tests. I kept records for CL tech support and phone support that were ignored. I do not not have electrical wiring issues.

It is always the same canned 15 year old answer. "Every thing is fine on our end. Reboot."

Wiring was solved with an electrician, a new electric panel and more breakers. At the same time I replaced all aging mechanical units such as furnace with new. All electrical wiring was checked from attic to basement and at every outlet and switch. The phone guy and I did the jack tests. He couldn't find anything wrong. I don't think you can find it when the phone IS working.

Maybe it is wiring? Maybe it is a surge? Maybe it's in the CO? They replaced cards before to keep me connected. Maybe it is faulty equipment? Or faulty software? Or a handshake? Or a card or old router in the rack?

I've replaced 8 routers in four years. Maybe it is a cap or traffic shaping? Maybe it is the weather? I've had the same kind of VoIP problems when I had the cable phone. There was not enough bandwidth. If I wanted it to emulate POTS and have a stable I had to buy a business line.

I live in a very isolated rural area. I need a phone that is dependable.

This problem is leaving here just fine. I am not going to buy a business line. If the phone was one line and the computer on another maybe it would make a difference. Maybe the problem would be isolated? And maybe not. My home is a Faraday's Cage on US Highway surrounded by high voltage wires. I'm behind high-priced surge protectors. I haven' seen but one brown out in over 5 years.

The phone wiring is 60 years old. I pay for inside wiring coverage. It should be no problem for CL to fish in new lines. That would eliminate one possibility. Maybe.
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