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Kenosha, WI
reply to Meatball

Re: SB6141 Firmware Update?

Meatball, I (and I'm sure others) appreciate your findings, please continue to update this thread with any progress/information.

I believe I am in the same exact boat you are, what you describe is identical to what I am seeing here as well. Was experiencing 5-15 reboots a day on my very old Motorola SB4100. Purchased a brand new Motorola SB6141 and still experience 5-15 reboots a day. Longest I have gone is 2 days and a few hours without a reboot. Error messages are always the same including: T3 Timeouts, unable to communicate on new upstream channel, unicast ranging received abort response, cable modem reboot due to T4 timeout.

I've had a tech come out as well, checked the lines and all is good. With the current splitter config: upstream power level is at 41 and my downstream levels are at +3. I've tried two other splitter configs where upstream was 46 and downstream was -2; and upstream 49 and downstream -6. In all splitter/signal configurations I still experience the timeouts/reboots.

Again please continue to update with any information. Thanks



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I think a lot of this problem stems from the fact that what Time Warner believes are acceptable levels are not acceptable for the Motorola.

Yesterday I finally had enough, so I drove to my local TWC office and got one of their modems. They gave me an Arris DG860A. Plugged it in, came up and within an hour I had a disconnect. I didn't have any problems last evening, but I woke up today to find the modem error logs loaded with the following errors:

- No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out
- DCC-ACK not received
- Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out
- Unicast Ranging Received Abort Response - initializing MAC
- MIMO Event MIMO: Stored MIMO=-1 post cfg file MIMO=-1

There were at least 4 connection drops in the past 2 hours that I can see. The modem does not appear to be restarting, but the connection drops and it resynchs after about 30-60 seconds. The log doesn't go any further back than that, so I'm assuming it's been doing that all night.

I spoke with another two techs last night, one of which found some signal issues and they're sending out another truck tomorrow. I'm not even sure where to go from here, everytime I talk to someone or they come out, they say it's fine, and within a few hours I start having issues again. Not to mention they all keep contradicting each other. By tomorrow I'll have talked to 6 different TWC support folks on the phone, 3 different support folks through their online chat, had two trucks/techs at my house, went into their office and spent 30 minutes with two people at the desk and been through 2 modems.

Now I see why they keep raising their rates. The amount of money they're wasting to get this fixed is stupid.

PS: Go figure, I went to post this, hit Preview and the site timed out. 2 disconnects while trying to post this...GAH!


I did just notice one thing. The Arris modem is not restarting, but I seem to be dropping connection every 15-30 minutes. During one of these drops, I went to the status screen real quick and did a refresh. I noticed that the power levels for the 4 downstream channels were still good in the 1-2 dBmV range, yet the upstream was dead, as in there was no power level. After about a minute it came back up and upstream was back at 40 dBmV.

Since they're only using one upstream channel, that going down would certainly make it appear to be the whole connection going out since anything I send times out.