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Re: Halo 4 bandwidth usage

Well, the xboxes are not new but Halo 4 is and they have been on vacation. But I have looked into it more also and there using custom maps and hosting games is supposed to use more also I guess. Normal usage without vacation would only be 1 to 2 hours a day. But both boys are gone this weekend and the girls do not play the xbox360's that much so I am going to try and see if there is a difference.
As far as others on my network I have that new cisco connect firmware that show me everyone who is online in my network so I think it would show someone unless they hide, lol.
But I do think you might be right about the new thing. I am sure my sons grabbed all the maps and anything or video they could get their hands on and had to do it twice for both boxes, So it might slow from that also.


Springfield, MO
map packs and updates would do it but that should one off thing every now and then

the data rates needed for just playing are very low maybe 3 to 5Mbps if hosting and ~1-2Mbps if not

i wouldnt worry about it

we are on the 20mbps plan still keep meaning to switch to the faster but capped speeds and the 3 of us here are HEAVY users and dont come close to 250GB a month usage think our avg is around 175GB

edit just checked
most we have ever used ~220GB few months ago but 2 of us started playing MMOs again and had to up date them and that pulled around 100GB lol
so our avg is around 150GB

the new 30Mbps iirc is slightly higher cap but a hard cap where if your grandfathered in its a soft cap with no costs if you go over