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Re: Crooked business practices

said by IowaCowboy:

said by Happydude32:

Comcast and Time Warner should bring on the carriage disputes with ESPN and drop them if necessary to get ESPN to cave in with lower fees. Comcast seems to never have carriage disputes but Time Warner is famous for carriage disputes.
That would be the dumbest move ever. Care to guess what is by far the highest rated cable TV event of the week, every week from the beginning of September to the end of December? That would be Monday Night Football on ESPN. Despite what sports haters wish to believe, sports on TV and sports in general is insanely popular.

Think of the revenue they'd get if ESPN was on a premium tier. They'd be rolling in even more cash if Monday Night Football was on Pay Per View.

I pay a boatload for my cable subscription. Why should I be paying for for a channel I don't watch (especially since it cost them $5 out of the $199 per month on my triple play). They need to roll over and get tough on programming costs to cut down on cord cutters.

The only interest I have in Sports is hoping the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime and I sport a Chicago Cubs hat when I go out (at least it keeps me out of the heat of the Yankees vs Red Sox debate. I also like minor league baseball and my favorite team in minor league is the Cedar Rapids Kernals.

Never going to happen. The NFL has the strictest TV broadcast rights among all of the major sports leagues. They would never allow what has become an American tradition for decades to be available on a PPV basis only. People on here seem to think us sports fans are some type of minority. That couldnt be more untrue. Look at football stadiums, the vast majority of games are sold out every week, if you dont count Jacksonville. When the NHL isnt lockedout look at the arenas in hockey hotbed areas like Minneapolis, Detroit and Buffalo. It was reported a while back that the Yankees sell something like 3-3.5 million tickets a year. On TV, NFL Sunday Ticket is the crown jewel of DirecTV and draws big every Fall, the UFC has no problem getting a TV audience at $50 a pop. During hockey season, here in the Buffalo market, 3 out of every 4 TVs are tuned into Sabres telecasts. When were in the playoffs, not only is the Arena jam packed with 19K fans but there is another estimated 10-12,000 people outside the Arena, last night the Arena was sold out for a minor league hockey game, making it the fourth largest crowd in AHL history. The Super Bowl is the biggest TV event of the year, the Daytona 500 brings in the ratings. People love this stuff, people want this stuff.

I dont understand why sports is so polarizing. I dont give a damn about Lifetime, MTV, BBC America and others but I dont complain. Even though I subscribe to Showtime, outside of Homeland, Californication and the sports programming, Showtime has become utterly pathetic and a waste of bandwidth since CBS and Viacom split. You dont see me on here crying about how I pay for Showtime and watch it for at most 2 ½ hours a week. People need to learn to shut up and stop crying about this stuff.
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