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This is a sub-selection from Pop!


Carlisle, PA
reply to 88615298

Re: Pop!

said by 88615298:

Couple of weeks? This went on for a few months

Wow - didn't think it was that long - but a little Googling said it was July - Oct. I still wonder what the defections due to AMC were after the initial wave. In the article I read, it said Dish was about 13% of AMC's viewer base. That is a decent chunk to miss.

It would be interesting to see who gave first and how close the numbers were. Sadly we will never know.

I did find this that it hurt AMC's financials:

So maybe playing hardball is in the content deliverer's favor. After all what good is content if your distribution is limited? Not everyone has their TV's hooked up to the Internet and most will not watch shows on their laptops or even tablets.