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I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA

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reply to John97

Re: How much water does your family use in a month?

3 of us - my last bill was for 24,000 gal in 3 months. This included a few days of lawn watering which is the wild card.
One round of watering is 1200gal for my lawn.

35K gal in one month is pretty high. I'd hit that if I had to water every other day for the whole month, I suppose.

Edit - laserfan's 100G/P/D seems dead on. 100*3*90= 27,000 and I was at about 24,000.


Surprise, AZ
Average 6,000 gal a month
2 adults, exterior plant/tree watering system
12,000 gallon swimming pool with auto fill.

Now we live in Arizona where summers get to 110 degrees and 3 % humidity. So water evaporates quickly

Avg cost per month is $35