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Reading, PA
reply to andyross

Re: iGuide A30

said by andyross:

I just had something weird happen, and maybe it's some new A30 feature. It looks like it did a database restart, but not a full box reboot. The Guide data was all wiped out, along with the menus for the first few minutes. But, it still remembered which menus I had last used. In the iGuide Diagnostics, it shows a DB Runtime from just before 9am. The Sys Up Time is from the A30 update two weeks ago.

I just noticed a similar occurrence on my DCX3400. I received a new firmware (24.37) and A30 iGuide update in early December. Yesterday the guide data was all wiped out but without a full box reboot. The iGuide data appears to be filling in again this morning .

Schaumburg, IL
Mine occurred 13 days after the update/reboot. I hope this won't become an every-2-weeks thing.

I was at my parents on Christmas, and their boxes (ancient DCT-2200's) had done the same thing.