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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to cville

Re: Halo 4 bandwidth usage

said by cville :

Yep I won't do caps period. IT's nothing but BS to make more money. They are certainly a business and have a right to try and make money. However costumers have a right to leave as well. The biggest threat to America concerning catching up to the world in internet speed is caps and collision between companies to create a cap friendly environment. IT's mediacoms and other cable companies biggest fear that consumers will choose to drop video service and only use them as a isp to serve Netflix/hulu/amazon/roku/youtube/and soon redbox. Caps is a way to assert more control.

The only other viable ISP option in this area, CenturyLink (and I use the term viable loosely, because 1.5mbit barely qualifies as broadband these days) also has caps. The problem is that once one person implements it, it's difficult to find someone that doesn't. At least in Canada some customers have access to TekSavvy, who offers cap-free choices at reasonable prices.
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