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[Help Me] Upload > Download

Router: D-link Xtreme N Gaming Router DGL-4500

Just updated our Verizon FIOS to 50/25 Mbps. The wired computer gets ~52/~28 on an average of 10 tests.

The wireless computer which is not far away, is averaging after 10 tests exactly:
Download Speed: 28625 kbps
Upload Speed: 33669 kbps

The wireless computer is using a Rosewill RNX-N2X Wireless N Adapter which has been fine for a long time with our prevous 20/5 (Was getting 22/6) and never dips below 76% signal. No G devices are connected, all of the testing has taken place with only the main wireless computer connected.

The only thing I saw is that the wireless adapter may not be a "true" N? Draft N or something I believe? The settings shows it supports 5Ghz as well, but when the router is set to 5 Ghz it is not seeing the network. Not sure exactly what to do. I know wireless isn't perfect, but I thought I could at least get closer to the 50Mbps, and wondering why my upload is much higher at all times.


Boise, ID
Speed testing is only recommended on wired LAN connections as wireless has many variables and impact accurate results.

What your seeing is good speeds if your on the wireless.
Are you using Single mode N on 2.4Ghz.
Preferred security is WPA2 and AES only. Some adapters don't support AES so you might have to use WPA or WPA2 and AUTO.

For 5Ghz to work and be seen by the client, the client device needs to support 5Ghz radios. You need to refer to the Mfr of the device and check to see what is officially supported. Do other devices you might have support 5Ghz?

Good information on Dlink forum site regarding the DGL-4500. There is a couple of FIOS stickies regarding that and the DGL-4500 on the fourm.

Such a great router.