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Toronto, ON
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Re: Hey

Its good to hear that you had great support especially from the senior staff. If your dsl is working okay, then perhaps stay with it until TekSavvy customer service improves. I foresee this probably a few years from now as they only have approx 40 support staff at the moment and most of these employees cant do anything for you when an issue arises - they try to pass it onto another rep/department/day. The service itself is decent, but that should be a given as this is what people pay for. I find the defining characteristic in a good service provider is the ability to resolve issues and to compensate when issues can't be fixed in a timely manner. This is something TekSavvy lacks at the moment. It would suck for you to switch to cable and then have problems arise and nothing done to overcome it.

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Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
To be honest i just want to have a rep explain the 15 business day conversation... Curiosity is getting the best of me. We also have a Rogers account setup upstairs for my wife's business and it's rock solid, support is near instant when calling and no wait times in 8 years calling customer service.

Doesn't mean Rogers aren't scum because they are but it is a well oiled machine just crappy packages and prices


Toronto, ON
I agree with the pricing for Rogers. It can be ridiculously expensive without promotional plans. But like you said, wait times is really good and Rogers is generally very good about compensating for issues.

Example of customer compensation at TekSavvy:
»[Cable] Terrible customer compensation and customer service
« Response.Example of customer compensation »
This is a sub-selection from Hey