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Bethlehem, PA

[Phone] Peculiar phone behavior

There is one person we often call who complains that the connection is always distorted, noisy, and beeps. 100% of calls from here to there have this problem. He's a POTS customer of AT&T/BellSouth in Jacksonville FL.

1) He reports that no one else he talks with (locally or otherwise) has this problem, which appears to eliminate his phone, connection, and local AT&T/BellSouth system as the source of trouble.
2) No one else we talk to (anywhere in the country) complains of this problem, which eliminates any problem with our RCN-attached phones and local RCN phone-related systems.
3) He reports that there's no problem when we use our cell phones to call him.
4) I have called our cell phones from our RCN-connected phones and have had crystal-clear connections every time.
5) None of us are terrorists, have terrorist connections or ever call foreign or domestic terrorists, so NSA shenanigans operating under FISA shouldn't be an issue.

Given the above set of facts, it appears that there's some kind of a problem in the interface of RCN to AT&T/BellSouth since that's the only set of circumstances in which this problem occurs.

Anyone from RCN have an idea what might be going on?

Centreville, VA
9 times in 10 it ends up being a tandom or something in the switching path on the pots network between us and them. Have you logged a problem with the call center on this one? If you have great they will probably see it in the local PA switch. If you haven't it might be a good idea to do so. And if you can at the same time email me your phone number and the number of the person you are calling in FL and I can pass it over to the PA switch guys.
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering