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Re: ATT U-Verse: Actual Internet Speed vs Advertised

I know the ping rate is a bit high but I'm not a gamer just DL, $93.00 tax included. Who needs to pay for TV service with speeds like this

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I was paying $55 with U-verse, now I only pay $40 more but IMHO is well worth it for this package.

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
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I dropped down from 18 to 12 last night due to me finding that the 18 speed was just not worth the IMO absurd price and I wasn't getting the actual speed of 18.

At 12, I get around 11.....which is IMO great.

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said by Mangix:

said by UverseTech2:

The 3800s should have been removed 3 years ago when the 3801s came out. The signal goes out slowly and eventually just goes..

This is pure speculation on my part, but it may have something to do with the default transmit power. Most SOHO routers transmit at 100mW(20 dBi) by default whereas the 2Wire U-Verse Gateways tend to transmit at 400mW by default. I suspect this is causing the wifi radio to fail.

A small note: I have been running a 3600HG-V at the transmit set to 25mW(faster speeds for some reason) for almost a year and have 0 issues.

linksys wrt54g routers had this problem in the beginning as well. They would burn out over time due to too much power and wi-fi really sucked. Then that DD-WRT came about and essentially cut the power in like 1/2, which fixed a wide range of problems.

I agree cut the power of the wi-fi (which you should be able to do within the 2wire's wireless page) and see if that helps.
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I get 95.8-96.5% of the advertised 12 mbps down and 97.6-98.7 of the advertised 1.5 mbps up. Given the overhead, that is technically more than I should be getting. Ping is 26-34 ms, jitter is 1ms. I'm perfectly happy.

If I'm running 4 HDTV streams, I think it should drop down to 8 mbps, but I do that very rarely, so I don't think I've ever actually tested it under those conditions.