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Oviedo, FL
reply to Trimline

Re: Using CableCard/HDhomerun Prime? Feedback Wanted

said by Trimline:

I've used the HDHomerun Prime and cable card setup for a little over a year now and really like it. I've got 3 HTPC's, all wireless throughout the house with no issues (WNDR3700). I use the WMC for the TV along with this little plugin - »www.mychannellogos.com/Pages/default.aspx If you have your movies stored on a network drive, by all means, augment the WMC with Media Browser - »www.mediabrowser.tv/

Not sure if I'd use anything else as this setup just screams.

Just waiting for BHN to update their cable cards so I can drop the SD box and go with just the card and on-demand access.

I do have a 4th and 5th TV that are Roku only sets in the kid's bedrooms. Just little 23-inch 1080p monitors I haven't run any STBs to these things in years, and don't expect either kid expects me to. So I might still need to install Plex to host movies for those two systems. However the master Bedroom and the kids' man-cave will have the two xboxes. I would assume on those two servers there is no sense even using Plex (hell I don't even know if Plex is on the 360)

Sounds like this is going to be a winner, glad I came to this thread.